My story

I’m Emilee Jasminski, the dreamer behind Jae Moments. In 2016, my husband and I started our first business where we work with our clients to develop their business online. Even before we launched Imperial Digital Marketing, I’ve always been obsessed with capturing moments. As our agency matured, I fell more in love with photography and the creative process.

As my skills grew, I invested in better equipment and sought to expand my horizons. In 2018 I brought my camera with me to my brother-in-law’s wedding--My husband was the best man in the wedding and had his duties to tend to, so my camera was my date.

I found my happy place taking photos of every gorgeous detail, the friends and family who came to celebrate, and the beautiful couple that had just joined in matrimony.

After dancing the night away with my camera, I couldn’t wait to edit the photos. I imported them into my laptop that night and got them back to the bride within 48 hours. I realized how my marketing experience would make me a great wedding photographer.

Although I wasn’t the official photographer and this was literally the first wedding I “shot”, the bride and family all shared my photos- because both you and your guests will want to relive their wedding right away. Although your wedding photos will last your entire life, there is no denying the digital age that we live in.


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"Thank You" Notes

Emilee and Drew seriously made our wedding day go so smooth. They kept us relaxed while giving us incredible memories to look back on from our perfect day. They are a team of photographers who you want by your side on a day that can be high stress because they keep it light, make you feel like a star all while getting some incredible photo memories.

- Danielle P.